Monday, May. 15, 2006, 3:10 AM

Kiss me in French

Kiss me in French
When the alleys are cobbled
And the moon is a crescent roll
And the Jasmine scent from your hair
Follows us like an armada in open water

Kiss me in French
When the covers canít mask the cold
And our bodies mingle in the dwindling heat of passion
And lifeís fair consists of mac and cheese and peas
So comforting and so bourgeois

Kiss me in French
When the war has come to our shores
And the dogs sniff us out amongst the rubble
Of our broken dreams and dinnerware
Shattered like so many hearts in puberty

Kiss me in French
At the closing of the day
When the cicadas drone in to the darkness
And the water is warmer than the air
As we slip out of clothes and into a wet embrace

Kiss me in French
And love in incognito.