Thursday, Mar. 24, 2005, 1:00 AM


TEN Random Things About Me:
10. I can walk on my hands.
9. I make up songs about my cats that I sing to them.
8. I played the saxophone in school for 5 years.
7. I have a two webbed toes on my right foot
6. I modeled nude for an art class at Pitt -- Twice
5. I go fossil hunting every spring
4. I fly in my dreams
3. Iím always reading a book
2. I was married to a belly-dancing librarian
1. Iíve driven a truck on the beach in North Carolina

NINE Places I've Visited:
9. The White Mountains in New Hampshire
8. The Badlands of South Dakota
7. Pismo Beach and Albuquerque
6. The redwood forest outside of Eureka California
5. Chicago
4. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico
3. The Ben and Jerryís Factory in Vermont
2. Meyersdale Pennsylvania during the annual Maple Festival
1. The Grand Canyon

EIGHT Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
8. See the northern lights
7. Visit the Caribbean
6. Become and artist
5. Write my book(s)
4. Love deeply and well for a long time
3. Go whale watching in Baja California
2. Build a log cabin
1. Have a large group of close friends

SEVEN Ways to Win My Heart:
7. Smile
6. Laugh with reckless abandon
5. Be random of thought but decisive of action
4. Get my obscure references and jokes
3. Be intelligent and full of common sense
2. Use big words correctly
1. Love with the same reckless abandon as you laugh

SIX Things I Believe In:
6. Tea
5. Love
4. Happiness
3. Karma
2. Friendship
1. Myself

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of:
5. Not living up to my full potential
4. Not taking risks
3. Regret
2. Dolls with realistic looking ceramic faces
1. Mornings

FOUR of My Favorite Items in My Bedroom:
4. My beautiful and wonderful Wife (to be)
3. My cats
2. My bed
1. The love letters from #4

THREE Things I Do Everyday:
3. Floss and brush my teeth
2. Drink tea
1. Dream

TWO Things I Am Trying Not to Do Right Now:
2. Be lonely
1. Spill my tea

ONE Person I Want to See Right Now:
1. My brother Justin who is in the air force and stationed overseas in Korea