Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004, 5:56 PM


I have a friend who is a little shy when it comes to women. His slightly younger sister brought one of her attractive older friends to an informal family event and my shy friend got all flustered. He wrote to me to tell me of the horrid event stating, "I couldn't talk to her. I had a hard time even looking at her. Making eye contact was almost out of the question. I don't understand women and the strange power they have over men (or at least over me). "

To which I responded:

"Yes my friend, women are strange and powerful...let's hope they only use their power for good. You should have at least looked at her. You are an attractive, funny, intelligent guy. You can use that as a shield against the wiles of the women. You see, it screws up their radar and it is hard for them to ascertain whether or not you are to be regarded as a threat. Another thing that you can do is to make them laugh. This has the effect of rendering their radar entirely useless, and in some rare cases, activating the erogenous mechanism...don't ask me how, I have witnessed it first-hand and have yet to learn the definitive trick to the whole thing."