Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003, 2:04 PM

My week away

I have to write this stuff down before I forget, because I don't want to forget these things, ever. My trip to Chicago and Lake Geneva were eventful and full of joy. Note to self - things to remember:

    Exhibitionism and public art.

    Seeing a beautiful iridescent blue bird in the forest preserve.

    Cooking out by the fishpond for Memorial Day.

    Having a bed of pillows and two warm cats and a fantastic girlfriend with which to share.

    Sean Connory has a speed boat and says naughty things.

    The joys of Sam's club.

    The Guadalajara restaurant was serving tender lion in their enchiladas.

    Saw a double rainbow after a terrible storm.

    The Lake Geneva Hookers association's catch and release program T-shirt came only in medium and larger sizes.

    Watching the fish on the boat dock at Lake Geneva when the last tour boat failed to sail.

    Scuttlebutt's restaurant.

    "Sorry, we do not accept credit cards or personal checks. But we do have a tyme machine."

    "If I won the lottery, and money was no option, what would I give you? I would give you half."

    My girlfriend eats Slim-Jims.

I have immersed myself in living. It has kept me from writing. I am sorry, and at the same time I am not. I would not change this for the world, because it is my world, now.