Wednesday, Mar. 12, 2003, 10:34 AM

Reservoir bogs

Not much to say today, not much to say.

Let's see. The skin of ice that had been on the reservoir since October is beginning to melt. I can see free water again near the edges. The ducks seem happy as they slide along the ice and slip into the water to frolic. No this is not a metaphor for my life, I really do pass by three of the city reservoirs on my way to work, after crossing the river and the cliffs where I take my twice a year fossil hunting excursions. There are two large reservoirs and third smaller induction reservoir where the water is drained for use. The third receives water from the larger two, and as a result of the constant filling and draining there is always a convection current that keeps ice from forming in the center of that rectangular plot of water. I'm sure that there is a thinly veiled metaphor that can be made about a life in motion not gathering ice and whatnot but I really don't feel like going into that now. Draw your own conclusions.

There is a warming trend occurring in our area and the snow that once blanketed the ground is now only visible in the shadows of buildings and hills, hiding like secrets.

My back is I-Ching so badly
There must be a more Feng Shui of living
My Karma is in the shop
My Dogma wants to take a walk
And I'm losing my Faith to the spirit of giving

Fire starter, fire starter
Dorm room view, dorm room view
Selling Las Meninas, Selling las Meninas
Ding dong long, ding dong long

Eschew obfuscation. Viva la rhetoric!