Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003, 3:20 PM





Before you anonymous people flame me for my last entry any longer you should read a little more about me and my diary. If you had then you would realize that I have a degree in writing. Creative Writing, people. The last entry about winning the lottery and suffering an 'identity crisis' was a STORY of the FICTITIOUS nature. Geez.

So in response to the persons who so quickly asserted themselves and their opinions into my guestbook without email or webpage links to which I could have responded in private, I say the following to you:

1) I did not hit the lottery
2) I am still paying back my student loans
3) I work for a living
4) I have worked in a variety of fields performing a variety of services
5) I volunteer for non-profit organizations
6) I donate to charity
7) I have already adopted a cat from a shelter whom I love with all of my being
8) I know how to, and regularly, meditate
9) I am intelligent, creative, artistic, and I help people whenever and however I can


10) I'm disappointed to have received this sort of a response.

Sure, no one asked for my opinions or rambling or scribbles or anything else to be posted here and interjected into the realm of the internet. You don't have to like or agree with what is posted here. You have the freedom to disagree, argue with, flame, or just not read the content posted herein. I would admonish you to make sure that you have your facts straight before embarking on any course you might choose. Yes, I obviously have a working brain, but how can you be so certain as to assert that I have two working hands?

And, people, if you wish to comment to me, then send it to my email where I can take the time to respond to you personally.

That being said, it seems that the power of literature has been left dangerously unbound to run rampant and reek havoc. I must go immediately and provide a disclaimer for the previous entry.