Wednesday, Feb. 05, 2003, 1:51 AM

Join the snow cult revolution

It snowed three inches in an hour tonight. We had clients in from out of town today so I was dressed in some nice khakis and a dress shirt. After successfully navigating my way home in the dark and snow (I love four-wheel drive) I proceeded to make a fair size snowman in the yard in front of my apartment building. I broke some branches off of a dead tree and stuck two in the sides for arms and two in the head for antenna. I built exactly thirty-one tiny snowmen out of three snowballs apiece in a circle around the big one. It was my own little snow-cult worshipping some giant ice-god. Two of the people who live in my building came around the corner just after I finished and saw me observing the scene. The guy said, "That is one weird creation," and I said, "yeah," and he said, "must take a real whack-job to make something like that up," and I said, "no kidding," and the girl with him said, "I don't know, it's kinda cool. It would be interesting to hang out with the person who made it," and I said "Maybe," and neither one noticed that my khakis were soaked clear through.