Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003, 10:32 PM

Assignment and "A" entry

I have given myself a new assignment. I will write an entry a day (hopefully) according to the following parameters:

1) I will begin with the letter "A" and go until "Z"
2) Each day I will choose the next letter in succession
3) I will choose a random or obscure word beginning with said letter
4) The first sentence of each little story / entry / vignette that I write will contain that word, conveniently highlighted for reference.
5) I will accept words from readers in an attempt to make this a more interactive experience. I may even accept phrases or whole sentences as submissions.

So I will begin today with the letter "A":


He was weighed down by the dawn like an anchor. The free-spirited flight of his dreams was always grounded by the alarm clock's shrill cry. Flying was so simple in his dreams. You lift one foot and then the other. No magic, no pixie dust, no science, no three steps and zoom-just the simple matter of getting yourself off of the ground. He could never work up the courage to try flying when he was awake. He would lift up one foot, close his eyes and visualize lifting the other foot, the air beneath his body compressing slightly beneath his now buoyant form. He could feel himself steadily ascending into the heart of the sky. It seemed simple and clear, but when he opened his eyes he would find his weight supported on one leg, bent at the knee. It seemed that his body had crouched to meet his foot rather than waiting for the latter to arrive.