Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003, 7:42 PM

Somebody's hero

A few days ago I watched the DVD of Spiderman that I got for Christmas this year. It is a fairly good movie and I like it, but there is one part that I like more than any other. There is one shot in particular where Spiderman exhibits behavior that I wish I could emulate. It is not his ability to climb walls, or shoot web-stuff and swing around the city, nor his heightened strength. No, none of these. There is one scene with a parade in Times Square. Now without giving too much away for those who have not yet seen the movie, I will just say that a series of explosions ensues amidst this crowded scene. Obviously chaos ensues. People running in every direction, screaming, as the debris crashes onto the crowded streets below. And there, standing in the middle of the crowd is the hero. He stands rooted while the crowd washes around and breaks against him like a rock and then parts to his unyielding determination. The wind from the blast blows his hair back, dust and people sail by, and he remains in stoic resolve, unafraid and fully aware of the magnitude of the situation he will undoubtedly have to face.

I want to be like that. I want witnesses to remark upon my grim resolve in the face of danger. I want to be unmoved and unmovable. I want to be fully aware of the consequences and still say "damn the torpedoes" as I charge into battle with a silent cry voiced only by the look in my eyes. I want to never contend with the sting of helplessness or hopelessness. I want to go forth with the courage of a Viking who will claim either glory in battle or a seat in Valhalla. I want to be a warrior poet. I want to be somebody's hero.