Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003, 10:17 AM

More random ramblings

Okay, so here's some more random things. The first is the beginnings of a longer story that I never picked back up, and the other stuff is just stuff.


"I thought I saw an angel shooting up in an alley in Reno."

Dr. Kellerman nodded. He'd been through this before. Alcoholics have a propensity for talking beyond their control. Their grasp of the truth is left at the bottom of an empty glass along with a handful of hollow promises against just such an occurrence.

"She was beautiful. You couldn't really look at her, you kind of had to look at something near her, like a wall or something, and then you could see her out of the corner of your eye."

Dr. Kellerman wrapped the inflatable cuff around Harley's left arm that lay heavy and prosaic upon the hospital bed. He adjusted the velcro and squeezed the rubber ball in his hand until the cuff sprang to life. When Dr. Kellerman was sure it was fastened securely he fed it air to the bursting point.

"She was all crouched over in a corner with this needle looking scared of her own shadow. She wasn't wearing no clothes that I could see."

"What does a naked angel look like, Harley?" Dr. Kellerman was looking at his watch, resting two of his fingers on Harley's wrist to determine how fast the life still coursed through his body.

"I didn't say she was naked. She was wearing a guys jacket. You know, a big brown overcoat that city guys wear over their suits. Anyways, I could see the bulge her wings was making under the coat. I couldn't see no clothes, so I was guessing she was naked."

Harley had come into the V.A Hospital eleven days ago after a particularly heavy binge that left a thirteen day gap in his memory. He had regained awareness in a different state with a sore lip crusted in blood, minus one boot and his car.


Martyr with a guitar
Soliloquy with a shotgun
Curt Cobain

My thoughts are spoons and my mouth is Uri Gellar and your face is twisted incomprehension.

The day, the night
The day, the night,
And in between
Where you live
Freckled with the awareness of your fading light.