Tuesday, Dec. 03, 2002, 4:22 AM

Sophisticated libraries

It is interesting to me the way that language grows and changes. At the turn of the century a scant hundred years ago when a man went looking for a woman of sophistication he was apt to find her on certain street corners or in other establishments that offered the discerning gentleman more than just something to look at. And now a sophisticated woman is one skilled in social coterie, who is refined and proper. The denotation for sophisticated means to make experienced in worldly way; cause to lose one's natural simplicity, frankness, and innocence; misleading.

Libraries are wonderful inventions. Where else can the common man, without a thorough background check, blood and sperm sample, and character witnesses be offered, free of charge, the ability to borrow on good faith little blocks of knowledge and entertainment with only a promise of return? It is truly amazing.

It's late and I'm off to bed