Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2002, 10:24 AM

Haiku very much

When I worked a menial office job I decided that I was tired of the drool conversation and I was going to answer every question in haiku.

Here are a few:

A melodrama
Unfolds one table ahead
My hot tea is not

When chasing his tail
The hound only discovers
The meaning of life

Mayflies nag the horse
Time is like a precious gem
Best cherished alone

A book lies supine
Ideas spill from its pages
Littering my mind

Rain falls in my dream
The ship's wheel spins in the storm
Scholls are up ahead

Flowers bloom in spring
Do not wait until the fall
To blossom yourself

As if watching golf
This conversation bores me
Just fax me the quote

The midgets are back
Dancing round to the music
They look look children